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Stand proud, for Stromgarde!

Based within the Arathi Highlands, the Kingdom of Stromgarde is an RP-PvP political/military role-play based guild, focused on the restored Kingdom of Stromgarde, securing the borders against known and unknown threats, and representing the interests of Arathorians to the rest of the Alliance.

The Alliance is led by the Imperator Mathilan Lionblood under the King of Stromgarde, Danath Trollbane. The Imperator governs with those who are appointed to the Cabinet, who lead several different organizations and divisions within Stromgarde.

As the armed forces grow, and the influence continues to spread, the Kingdom of Stromgarde is always looking for those who wish to pledge themselves to the cause of Stromgarde's restoration and encourages all Nobles, Clergy, and Civilians of the Kingdom of Stromgarde to venture north and to take on the task!

Before you join, please be sure to check the FORUMS and read all of the rules and regulations.

Stand proud, for Stromgarde!

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